So many delightful ‘Golden Bites of Sunshine’ were enjoyed by many Queenslander’s over the festive period and up until now. It’s time to say farewell for this season to the growers of I.M. SWEET apricots from the charming Goulburn Valley.
The day’s activities at the family orchard were filled with a heavy harvest of delightful apricots and transported to many markets around Australia including Brisbane. Apricots are different to peaches and nectarines, their skin is delicate and much time is spent on the processes involved in harvesting this stone fruit. Apricots require careful handling and pickers wear gloves to reduce any bruising to the fruit. This is why so much time is invested in the process.

Mother Natures Games

Perfectly edible blemished apricotOf course, the weather plays an integral role in a fruit orchard. This season Mother Nature played havoc in Queensland and in Victoria causing heavy rainfall, hail and extreme heat. As much as grower Dasha invested in timing and weather forecast, sadly some of the blocks in the family orchard were hit and the fruit trees were put under stress. Luckily the fruit does not lose its’ flavour, only the skin appears to have a little blemish and many families continued to enjoy this wonderful Aussie Summer Stone Fruit. This is the way of climate change, something completely unavoidable and the growers will always strive to manage and protect their crops as best they can.

Thank You

Dasha and Sherie Sherif and family, and Divine Fruits would like to thank all Queenslander’s who shopped at their favourite local fruit shop this season. We also extend our appreciation to the greengrocers and Your Local Fruit Shop throughout South-East Queensland for supporting our growers. Lastly, we’d like to thank you our followers who continue to follow the grower’s stories on Facebook, Instagram and through our blogs.