2021 brings with it the celebration of the Chinese New Year, welcoming the new beginnings of the year of the Ox. We were overwhelmed with excitement to be collaborating in some of the festivities. Sunnybank Plaza and Sunny Park Shopping Centres showcased dozens of exciting stalls. Nicoletti Orchards, Fuji apples were a key ingredient in this celebration. A big hit with the sensational fruit carvings and many school kids indulging in the delicious Fuji apples as a healthy snack.

Chinese New Year Celebrations

Chinese New Year celebrations commenced some 3000 years ago. It is said, this was a celebration of ancient worship of Heaven and Earth. Traditions have varied over the years and now there is more entertainment. Many families participate in putting up decorations, enjoy quality time at a family reunion dinner, the giving of a red envelope and other gifts: including a beautiful fruit platter; and we know some of those scrumptious Nicoletti apples were amongst them. The fireworks and firecrackers are significant and the traditional dances of the lion and dragon. Red is the main colour of the festival. Many who celebrate decorate their homes, streets and buildings, a sea of red. This year due to the pandemic and social distancing the annual Chinese New Year lion dance was cancelled at the Sunnybank Plaza shopping centre. We look forward to the 2022 celebrations, along with all the traditional celebrations it brings.

Carveit Fruitart

I stood mesmerized watching a Nicoletti Orchards Fuji apple being carved into an exquisite piece of art. Meet Tong, a fruit carving specialist and managing director of Carveit Fruitart. Tong has been a fruit carving artist for over 30 years, he is a master of his craft. With each piece of fruit, Tong remains enthralled in his intricate craftsmanship, “It is always fun and exciting,” Tong said. During the Chinese New Year celebrations at Sunnybank Plaza this incredible artisan carved dozens of Fuji apples. Creating stunning botanical artworks and delicious apple donuts for the kids to enjoy as an after school healthy snack. Shoppers commented on the sweetness and the amazing crunch of the Nicoletti Orchards Fuji apples. Tong is grateful that he has had this opportunity to showcase his wonderful artwork at the Chinese New Year celebrations at Sunnybank Plaza. If we are honest, this man is incredibly talented. His steady hand, artwork and zest for life are something everyone needs to witness.

Fresco Supermarket

We all know the old saying, “an apple a day, keeps the Doctor away.” Local school kids, got to experience this first hand sharing their unforgettable apple experience with us. In a joint collaboration with Fresco Supermarket, it was a wonderful opportunity to showcase those flavoursome Nicoletti Orchards Fuji apples. Not only was it the perfect time during the Chinese New Year celebrations, it was also a great chance for the kids to grab a healthy snack after school. We were delighted to hear that many children enjoyed an apple a day and in some cases even two. The feedback was exceptional, the kids enjoyed the flavour, crunch and many commented on the lovely bright red colour. Mums were eager to buy some Fuji apples and taste them for themselves. A big thank you to Fresco Supermarket for your participation and support and to all the parents and children who joined us.

Fuji Apples

Talk about the harvest of the celebration! The Nicoletti Orchards Fuji apples were the pick of the crop (on the day, with many of the school kids). Our growers are very happy with this year’s harvest and the sweet and juicy crunch that the crop has produced. Putting this season’s success down to good rain and gold old fashioned sunshine. These incredible Fuji apples are available for a few more weeks. Have you experience the unforgettable Stanthorpe apple yet? Look out for the Nicoletti’s poster in a green grocer near you. Be sure to snap one up while we’re still harvesting those flavoursome Fuji apples. Want to learn more about this amazing Australian orchard, head to our socials. We’ll be sharing more of their incredible story there.