It’s all go-go-go at Nicoletti Orchards as more of the fresh, new crunchy Royal Gala are picked and packed ready to be delivered to fruit shops all over Queensland! The pickers were busy hand selecting the perfect apples and enjoying the beautiful sunshine whilst the packing shed was as one says ‘organised chaos’! Daniel showed us around the orchard explaining how much of an impact this intense heat has caused. The family is positive about harvest moving forward and has implemented some strategies to assist with saving water. After our visit through the orchard, it was great to head to our cosy cabin, picturesque vineyard views and fresh air at Just Red Wines. Owners, Tony and Julia provided a complimentary bottle of Shiraz that paired perfectly with dinner!

Stanthorpe Stands Out!

Mayor Tracy Dobie was delighted to meet with us! We got to speak about how important it is to recognise and acknowledge the regions producers and their amazing fruit and vegetable displays at the Stanthorpe Show, not to mention their enormous contribution to the fresh produce industry. Shout-out to all Australian growers! It was exciting to watch the fashion parade highlighting the new lightweight wool designs of casual wear and what a surprise to see sportswear too! We’re super excited that some of this wool comes from our Traprock Region growers who are also involved in wool production.
There was an incredible display of today’s farming machinery with high-tech tractors, slashers and ride-on mowers and of course the antique farming engines dating back to 1920s. The best part of the show, hands down, is our growers Nicoletti Orchards achieving 1st prize in the Landmark Apple Crop Competition and 2nd prize in the Royal Gala tray section. If you missed the Stanthorpe show this year, we absolutely recommend you add it to your calendar for next year!



Share Your Recipes

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