Last weekend we paid a visit to the growers in the Goulburn Valley to see the crop and talk about the stone fruit season. The I.M. SWEET apricot and Kaso Plum growers are located in Shepparton which is known as the ‘Food Bowl of Australia’ – plentiful in agriculture and horticulture. The scenic drive on the way there was an absolute delight with cows and sheep grazing almost on every farm. Gotta love our beautiful country!

An Apricot Haven

Driving into the long driveway of the I.M. SWEET orchard we felt a sense of peace and tranquillity with birds chirping and a light breeze filling the air with the beautiful apricot fragrance. Eye-catching colours of bright orange-red apricots filled the trees, a magnificent sight to say the least.

Growers Dasha and Sherie welcomed us with open arms giving a guided tour around the orchard. There was much going on in the packing shed with hundreds of bite-sized summer treats being sorted. Team members were hands-on at the grader working hard and fast to fill the boxes ready for distribution. The couple have 3 gorgeous little girls Zara, Elisa and Bella who were excited to have their photos taken. Oh, we won’t forget Buster, their 3-year-old playful German shepherd. We all had loads of fun. There’s plenty of Goulburn Valleys’ summer snacks in local fruit shops around Queensland’s South-East; a perfect add-on to your Christmas feast!

Purple Fields of Plums

I’m sure everyone recalls last season’s amazingly delicious Kaso Plums. Well, they’re almost ready for harvest and brothers Skinder and Alex are excited about their crop. We were hoping for sunshine and we sure got it, with an average of 26 degrees the weekend proved to be perfect for a photo shoot and a chat. Everywhere we turned there were luscious deep purple coloured plums. What an amazing view! It’s interesting to see how the lustreless colour turns super shiny when polished. It was like a mirror, I could see a reflection of myself. How exciting will it be to see this on a Christmas platter?

Rain Helps Crop

We all know that Mother Nature played havoc producing heavy rain recently in Queensland and Victoria, however, there is some pleasing news from the Goulburn Valley. The plum growers explained that although there was much rain in the orchard, it didn’t affect their crop; it actually enhanced the flavours and size. We were offered a taste test of the Black Diamond Plum and could not believe the intense beautiful flavours. The Kaso Plums will be in local fruit shops as of next week so, fill your tummies with some healthy antioxidants this season!