Growers have many roles and responsibilities in their orchards not only during harvest but also in the off season. Many hours, weeks, months and years are invested to produce beautiful fresh fruit and vegetables for all Australians. There’s nothing more rewarding to a grower than knowing the public is enjoying the quality fruits of their labour.  The time spent in nurturing their crop is invaluable. The grower always strives to develop new systems to help combat any adversity.

One big difficulty to overcome is insufficient water to irrigate and help the crop grow. This affects crop not growing to the right size and the right balance in sugar levels. We’re talking about the devastating drought affecting cattle and also crops around the country. Nicoletti Orchards growers Daniel and Toni certainly know the impact it’s had on their farm. The water’s storage is severely low at just 10% capacity and the trees are showing signs of leaf burn due to insufficient moisture in the soil.
The Nicoletti family is just one of many farmers who need help in the Granite Belt Region. We hope that the government can assist the Granite Belt growers to help build a new community dam for the Stanthorpe District. As well as providing some funding for evaporation covers for the grower’s dams.

On a lighter note – Nicoletti Orchards apples may be a little smaller in size however they’re packed with flavour and crunch! Head to your local greengrocer for some delicious healthy snacks and support our Aussie growers!