Mexican food has been enjoyed by millions of Aussies for over 5 decades. I’m sure some of you remember Taco Bill, the first Mexican restaurant established on the Gold Coast. From tacos to nachos, enchiladas and burritos and more, families can’t get enough of that amazing spicy food. Andele! Andele!
Today I’m sharing one of my yummy recipes, yes it’s our favourite, Easy Veal Nachos. I’ve changed it up over the years and now I use veal mince. The incredible synergy between the veal and the sauce is irresistible. This is a simple dish and a family favourite. Is it the crunch in the corn chips, perhaps the spicy seasoning or maybe it’s the combination of the toppings bursting with a plethora of tantalizing flavours? Truth is, I love all the ingredients, the texture and that awesome tortilla crunch!!

Dona Cholita Tortillas

I’ve discovered one of the most authentic corn chips around and it’s locally made in the beautiful Byron Bay Hinterland. Dona Cholita Tortilleria you are a winner! The tortilla corn chips boasts that true street cuisine flavour. Seriously the natural corn taste is all there. What I also love about them is that they are certified non-GMO and are created through the Nixtamal process. The ancient method the Aztecs used to activate the maize and break down enzymes which helps with easier digestion. Bonus!

Support Local – Just Flavour Co

It was time to try a new gourmet seasoning. Well it was absolutely perfect for this dish. The Mexican style flavour sensation will have your taste buds dancing to salsa – agua!! We wholeheartedly support local businesses. Cairns based Just Flavour Co’s owners Michael and Karol are all about creating artisan blend seasonings. Did I mention this couple also contribute towards creating a healthier environment! So, when you buy their products a donation will be made to One Tree Planted to help with Global reforestation. You are amazing guys!


1 large brown onion diced
500g veal mince
Dona Cholita Tortilla Chips
Just Flavour Co Mexican seasoning
3 gourmet tomatoes diced
1 large avocado
Black beans
Bunch of parsley
Mozzarella cheese (feel free to use your favourite cheese)
2 chillies
1 lemon


  1. Heat oil in a frying pan, add onions and cook until soft over medium heat. Add mince.
  2. When mince is browned add seasoning, beans, chillies, tomatoes and cook on low heat for approx. 30 minutes.
  3. Mash avocado, some lemon juice, salt and pepper and leave in a bowl.
  4. Place corn chips on a baking tray and layer cheese, bake at 180C until the cheese is melted.
  5. Remove chips from the oven and scoop the mince on top. Add sour cream and avocado, garnish with chopped parsley. For those of you who want that extra fiery flavour, add jalapenos.

The rich Mexican aroma was wafting through the house, oh dear I’m sure our neighbours were salivating!! We hope you enjoy this dish as much as we did. Definitely give Dona Cholita Tortilleria and Just Flavour Co a go, you’ll taste the difference immediately. Well put it this way, there were no leftovers! Drop a comment below about your Nachos dish. We can’t wait to hear!!