Spring has sprung and we’ve started Queensland’s stone fruit season with a bang! Last week we launched the Kumbia brand; one of the earliest stone fruit producers in the South Burnett region. Excitement filled the air as greengrocers arrived ready to see the freshly picked stone fruit. Montagues floor at the Brisbane Markets was covered in a sea of vibrant pinks and reds with tantalizing peaches and nectarines. The growers Tony and Matt Dugdell and Shane and Lindsay Francis met with greengrocers to chat about what’s in store this season.

We learned that this year’s crop produced fruit earlier than expected due to varying weather conditions. The intense heat has caused the ripening process to rapidly increase the maturity of the fruit. Luckily the growers were prepared and well equipped under the circumstances. This just means that there is an increase in sugar levels which enhances the flavour of the stone fruit.

Kumbia produces many varieties and right now there are three. The yellow-centered ‘Superstar’™ nectarine is an acidic variety. The term acidic means that when you take your first bight you’ll find that it is tangier in flavour. The other is the ‘Snow Angel’® white peach which is a sub-acid variety. It’s a much sweeter flavour and the sugar levels will increase the longer you leave it sitting on your bench. Now the ‘Amber Crest’® is a yellow peach with medium acidity and it’s juicy too. All of these varieties can be eaten crunchy or soft and they’re available until around the first week of October.

Where to buy? Well, you’ll find these beauties at your local greengrocer or fruit shop. Your friendly and experienced local greengrocer carefully selects the produce by colour, flavour and texture to ensure premium quality and rest assured they always know what’s in season. Our wonderful greengrocers from Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, and Toowoomba are great supporters of the grower’s brands. Just look out for the bright blue and yellow Kumbia posters in store. Remember Kumbia stone fruit is in season until around the first week of November. Stay tuned as there’s oodles more of Kumbia’s amazing stone fruit.