September, one of our favourite months as it signals the start of stone fruit season! A weekend in the Granite Belts beautiful Stanthorpe and a quick trip through the South Burnett Region proved Kumbia’s harvest is not far away!

Nicoletti Saves the Day

With power outages in Stanthorpe due to the bushfires we were completely out of luck for dinner options! The Nicoletti family saved the day cooking us delicious pasta on a 2 burner camp cook top. An update on their crop have our mouths watering for the Nicoletti apple taste! Fun fact, they also grow white peaches and yellow centred plums and have grown a substantial amount of stone fruit in the past!

Pinnacle Lodge

Only 10 minutes from the centre of Stanthorpe is Vivien and Stuart’s delightful bed and breakfast. With a real ‘home away from home’ feel, Pinnacle Lodge boasts gorgeous rooms and interesting antiques and collectables. The entertainment room is perfect for kids and adults and there’s a range of animals to be hand fed as well.


Kumbia is on its way!

With Kumbia due for harvest in the coming weeks, we can’t wait to get our hands on the quality stone fruit everyone has come to love. Celebrity chef Javier Codina of Moda Brisbane will be sharing an exquisite recipe which we are so excited for! 

There are many varieties coming so keep an eye out in your local fruit shops! The team will be busy fruit picking very soon! Here’s what you can look forward to –

  • Snow Angel white peach
  • Su Nec Yellow Nectarine
  • Amber Crest ® Yellow Peach
  • Polar Light White Nectarine
  • Tropic Beauty Yellow Peach
  • Honey May Yellow Nectarine
  • May Bright Yellow Nectarine

Make sure you keep an eye on all of our social channels and show your support for Australian growers by shopping locally! Feel free to share our growers stories with your family and friends! Check out the harvest last year to get your taste buds going!