Summer is almost here and that delicious Aussie stone fruit harvest continues. Mouth-watering South Burnett Kumbia peaches are simply irresistible on their own. Wait til you try this enticing stone fruit recipe, your taste buds will be walking on sunshine! I’ve partnered with the amazing Chef Karol of Just Flavour in Cairns to bring you all things Queenslander. I’m sure you know the phrase too well, throw a shrimp on the barbie. Well at least we can create a gourmet twist to this family favourite. Grab your refreshing drink and buckle in, here comes a simple yet tantalizing prawn and peach skewer dish sure to be a hit at your next BBQ.

Just Flavour Chef

Kumbia peaches

I first met the bubbly Karol through her love of Aussie produce and creating delicious recipes on Instagram. I knew we had a mutual love for our producers and the food grown here in our country. Chef Karol brought a bit of spice into the Divine Fruits world and could not wait to spice it up with Just Flavour. With an artisanal variety of seasoning blends and no nasties, all I could think of was; I wonder what recipe could be developed with our Kumbia Peaches! Fast forward to now, we had a little help from a few of our Far North Queensland friends, Jonsson’s Farm Market & Preston Fresh Seafood. Chef Karol whipped up an enticing stone fruit recipe to get you Mo”roccan” into Summer.

Karol and partner Michael have developed seasoning blends that are created with 100% natural ingredients. They’re salt reduced and there’s no added sugars or preservatives. They share a love for home grown Aussie produce (including those moreish Kumbia peaches) and here’s the kicker, they plant one tree with every purchase donating one dollar to the One Tree Planted non-profit organisation. Karol’s passion oozes into every aspect of her business. This power couple, really know a thing or two about spicing up your life. They have a spice for just about every occasion! Adding to an array of chef created recipes, tips and tricks to help out in the kitchen, Just Flavour seasonings will be a must have in every pantry. Here’s the recipe.


Prawns and peaches

• 21 bamboo skewers (30cm)
• 1T olive oil
• 1T Just Flavour Moroccan seasoning
• half a lemon, juiced
• 500g raw prawns, peeled, tails attached, about 42 prawns (2 per skewer)
• 4 peaches, aim for a total of 42 slices (2 per skewer)
• 2 green capsicum, cut into large pieces, aim for a total of 42 pieces (2 per skewer)


  1. Soak the skewers for 5 minutes to help minimise burning
  2. In a dish, mix together olive oil, JF Moroccan, lemon juice and prawns, set aside
  3. Slice peaches into 12. To do this, carefully cut the peach in half like you would an avocado. Gently separate from the stone. Cut each half into 6 slices. You’ll have a few extra left over to snack on! Repeat with remaining peaches
  4. Cut the green capsicum and aim for 42 pieces
  5. Skewer with 2 prawns, 2 peaches and 2 capsicum pieces in your desired order. Repeat with remaining ingredients
  6. Turn on the barbecue. Spray each side of the skewers with oil and place onto to hot plate
  7. Cook for 2-3 minutes on each side and serve with your favourite salads!

Produce used

The peaches are from Kumbia and all the produce was purchased from Jonsson’s Farm Market @jfmcairns @divine_fruits
The prawns are from Preston Fresh Seafood, Cairns @preston_fresh_seafood_cairns
Of course the Moroccan seasoning is from Just Flavour @justflavourco

Prawn and peach skewers

As the barometer rises, so too does our appetite for Summerfruit and seafood. You have all the tools for a simple night in to enjoy this enticing stone fruit recipe. We can’t wait to cook up a storm! Chef Karol I’m sure our Kumbia growers will absolutely enjoy creating this recipe for their family. Folks be sure to stock those pantries with Just Flavour premium seasonings.

There’s about 2 weeks left to fill your fridge with flavoursome Kumbia peaches and nectarines too. Find them at your local green grocer. We would love to hear how you entertained your guests. Drop a comment below. Don’t forget to like and follow Just Flavour and Divine Fruits on Facebook and Instagram. Thank you Chef Karol for this flavoursome recipe we will all enjoy!!