Stone fruit lovers, have we got a treat for you!! Created by renowned Chef Javier Codina; this divine Kumbia nectarine and Witlof Summer salad with caramelised pecan nuts will blow your mind. With Aussie stone fruit in abundance and the simplicity of this delectable dish, it is a must-try for every household.

Moda Tapas and Brasa Bar

From home delivery to a 5-star fine dining experience Executive Chef and co-owner Javier Codina of Moda Tapas and Brasa Bar along with his amazing team pride themselves on quality. Javier selects only the freshest, premium quality fruit and vegetables direct from Aussie suppliers like Montague from the Brisbane Produce Market. This Spanish born chefs’ love of fresh local Australian produce lies deep within his heart. The restaurant menu highlights many farming regions of Queensland.

Kumbia nectarines

Located at Paddington in the beautiful Barracks and an Australian Heritage listed building this restaurant oozes character and warmth. Javier may be a true Spaniard in his heart but his love of our country shines through his business and drives his passion supporting Aussie farmers. Last year’s recipes were phenomenal featuring the quintessential Kumbia nectarines. We couldn’t resist working with him again. When we spoke about creating another new dish, much to our delight he accepted. His bespoke creativity did not disappoint. This new Kumbia stone fruit recipe will be featured in the menu.


Montague and Moda Tapas and Brasa Bar

This family company for families, Montague are exactly what they claim to be. With over 70 years of experience in fresh produce from humble beginnings of harvesting apples in 1948. Diversifying their company fundamentals to allow growth and innovation to prosper within their business. This family focused network of professionals is all about quality, delivering the freshest delicious Australian produce from paddock to plate direct to the consumer.

Montague grow their own premium brands of flavoursome apples and also wholesale other produce such as Aussie stone fruit, like the Kumbia nectarines. The team at Montague know a thing or two about fruit production, cold storage facilitation and logistics. They have built a reputation on suppling the freshest premium produce. It is easy to see why their culture and the customer-centric team at Montague are a trusted and well-loved household name. Along with holding the respect of all within their industry. So folks here is the recipe. We know you will absolutely enjoy all the amazing flavours.

Nectarine & Witlof Salad Recipe

Nectarine and witlof salad


4 large Kumbia yellow nectarines
1 large yellow witlof
1 large golden shallot
50g watercress
40g caramelised walnuts


100ml EVOO
20ml muscatel vinegar
5ml hazelnut oil
Seas salt
Cracked pepper


  1. Slice the nectarines and finely chop the shallots
  2. Break up the witlof and watercress
  3. Place all the ingredients in a bowl add dressing and mix by hand

We have enjoyed the Kumbia stone fruit season and we hope you have too! Chef Javier, surprises us every time. He goes above and beyond our wildest imagination and we cannot wait to recreate this simple delicious nectarine and witlof salad.

Why not head over to Moda Tapas Brasa Bar and enjoy this exclusive offering along with many other delectable dishes. Drop a comment below and share your cooking creation or restaurant experience with us. We’d love to hear!

Photo credit: Moda Tapas and Brasa Bar