What began as a modest investment on 80 acres of scrub came this wonderful farm of ‘Pure Sunshine’ (formerly Blackboy Ridge), delivering fruits of pure passion and exquisite taste. The History of Pure Sunshine began in 1983 with owner Ross purchasing 2 blocks of land to get his Dad back to his farming ways. Ross’s Dad always hoped to buy another farm after selling his in 1967. After seeing a few nearby properties sprouting peaches and nectarines, Pure Sunshine decided to do the same.

Over the next 6 years, many more fruit trees were planted until they reached 8 acres of crop. During this time Ross and his wife Karen were teaching in Brisbane and the Lockyer Valley. In 1991, a dry spell saw the orchard go through tough times re-planting the entire crop. Luckily in 1995, nearby farmers shared the cost of a dam and in the same year, Pure Sunshine started growing Persimmons.

In 2000, fig trees were planted to diversify the farm’s produce. In 2002, recycled water was finally brought from town which meant Pure Sunshine finally had a reliable water supply. The year 2010 brought innovation to the farm to increase turnover but sadly 2011 brought the worst floods seen which devastated much of the crop. With hard work and persistence, Ross and Karen overcame some obstacles and now have 30 acres of peaches and nectarines, 5 acres of persimmons and 17 acres of figs.

The Stuhmcke family hopes that their children will see the value in raising a family in such a peaceful and serene environment, and may one day continue the business.