Pink Lady Lovin’

The harvest of nourishing Nicoletti Pink Lady apples is on the way and we’re so excited! Nicoletti Orchards has been hit hard with drought this season. That hasn’t stopped them from producing amazing fruit! Apples being harvested are still a brilliant size and great flavour. A perfect pink blush covers most of the pink lady apples with a hint of bright green or yellow around the stem. There’s six to eight weeks left of the Rosy Glow variety so best to get your fill now! One small apple can provide almost a quarter of your daily recommended Vitamin C intake. Although almost half of that Vitamin C is contained in the flesh so make sure you eat them whole!

Fuji Coming To An End

Wow, we have seen some incredible Fuji apples from Nicoletti Orchards this season! The trees have produced some massive Fujis which are a great filling snack. Although smaller ones were available as well, perfect for the school lunchboxes! Fujis give a creamy and sweet flavour, making them ideal for baking treats. Just like the amazing Nicoletti Fuji Apple Tarte Tartin created by award winning Chef Javier Codina. Fujis are coming to the end of their season so stop into your local fruit shop now to make sure you don’t miss out!

Over the next couple of weeks you will see a ‘Back to School’ comp released. There’s a great prize so keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for the details and your chance to win!

We have some tassstttttyyyy apple recipes coming soon so stay tuned! But if you just can’t wait head over to Aussie Apples for a huge variety of recipes at your fingertips.