Papaya lovers rejoice! This Papaya Biscuit Pudding, will have you craving for more. There’s a buzz in the air and we’re not just talking about the bees on these delightful Spring days. The first of September holds significant importance, as it’s National Papaya Day. With the promise of warmer sunny days and the abundance of incredibly fragrant papaya, we decided to whip up a fresh simple 10 minute masterpiece to entertain on any occasion.

If you’re like us and absolutely love the sweet delicate taste of papaya, you’ll really enjoy entertaining with this quick and easy recipe. The exquisite bright orange-red flesh really pops! Papaya predominantly grows in the warmer tropical areas of Far North Queensland though you will also find this delicious fruit grown in the Northern Territory and in Western Australia. Available all year round with an increase in supply throughout Autumn and Spring. Find our more at Australian Papaya.


1/4 papaya
1 cup of Pure Harvest almond milk (add or your preferred milk)
1 packet simply delish vanilla pudding
4 orange almond Friends of Frank biscuits
Grated chocolate


  1. Cut the papaya into 3cm lengths
  2. Thinly slice the papaya and roll into a coil used for the papaya roses
  3. Add milk to pudding and whisk until it has thickened
  4. Layer the biscuit, papaya and pudding to the top
  5. Grate your favourite chocolate on top
  6. Makes 2 cups. ENJOY!

With its delicious texture and flavour, it seemed only right to combine this aromatic fruit with a pudding and biscuit base. It’s a simple layered dessert and it did not disappoint. The scrumptious Friends of Frank almond and orange biscuit paired with the Simply Delish natural vanilla pudding oh dear it was divine! The papaya roses are the perfect fruit decoration. Why not give this Papaya Biscuit Pudding a try and surprise the family. Head over to our Instagram REEL to find out how to create this sensational dessert!