The past few weeks we have had the opportunity to meet and speak with JAZZ™ apple growers and hear how passionate they are about their product. Not to mention providing only top quality fresh produce for everyone to enjoy!

70 Years of Savio Family

Last week we had the opportunity to trip back to beautiful Stanthorpe. Meeting with the Savio family who have now been in operation for over 70 years was eye opening! Four generations have worked hard on the Savio farm to grow amazing produce distributed through-out Queensland. You may have seen our post earlier in the week about 96 year old Pietro ‘Peter’ Savio. Pietro is the second generation of the Savio Orchard. In 2012 he was awarded top honours and inducted into Apple and Pear Australia Ltd (APAL). Currently, you will still find Pietro at the Savio family orchard. He continues to provide knowledge and advice from his years of experience. Although still has a hands on role when it comes to the grading process!

Launch Day

Monday saw the launch of JAZZ™ apples at the Brisbane Produce Market. Wholesalers Montague and RW Pascoe were showcasing these amazing healthy snacks. Many independent green grocers now have JAZZ™ apples on their shelves! Feedback from customers is they are loving the crunch and that tangy-sweet flavour! JAZZ™ apples come from a variety of orchards around Australia. Many of the growers through Victoria and NSW have already started harvest. They are committed to delivering nutritious products and supporting a healthy, growing Australia.

Taste the Crunch!™

In the next week, we will be sharing a great recipe for you to enjoy JAZZ™ apples! Keep an eye on our social media so you don’t miss it! If you’ve recently purchased JAZZ™ apples post your photos and tag @divinefruits. Or if you have a mouth watering family apple recipe share it with us!