Get set to treat yourself to divine Peri Peri Scallops with Nectarine Salsa. This drool-worthy recipe created by talented Chef Karol of Just Flavour is sure to quash those seafood and stone fruit cravings in one dish. Sweet, juicy and fragrant Kumbia nectarines pack a punch heightening those flavours. Treat your family and friends today, trust me they’ll be craving for more.

As a small business, we know too well the importance of collaborating with other like-minded business owners. Chef Karol and Co-Chef Michael from Just Flavour deliver just the right amount of spice to our ever evolving small business palate. With no nasties and delicious artisan seasonings, this dynamic duo create amazing culinary delights and with every purchase one dollar goes towards helping support the not-for-profit Global organisation One Tree Planted.


● 40g unsalted butter, room temperature
● 2 tsp Just Flavour spicy peri peri
● 12 fresh scallops, on the shell for presentation purposes! (If these aren’t
available, you can purchase scallops and the shells separately. Check with your
local seafood shop.)


● 1 slice of prosciutto, fried, finely diced
● 1 yellow nectarine, finely diced
● 1⁄2 roma tomato, finely diced
● 1 tbsp shallots, finely diced
● 1 tbsp coriander, finely diced
● 1⁄2 lime, juiced


  1. Preheat oven on 200°c. Mix together the softened butter and spicy peri peri, set
  2. Prepare the salsa ingredients. Lightly fry the prosciutto in a dry, non-stick pan for
    2 minutes each side or until crispy. Allow to cool, finely dice and add to a bowl for
    the salsa.
  3. Finely dice the salsa ingredients and add to the prosciutto bowl with the lime
  4. Arrange the scallops on a baking tray. Use a teaspoon to evenly divide the
    mixture on top of each scallop.
  5. Bake for 5 minutes, until golden brown and just firm to the touch.
  6. Arrange the cooked scallops on a serving plate and top each scallop with the
  7. Makes 12. Pre time – 10. Cook time – 5.

It’s easy to see why we have chosen to create something special with the tastiest of artisan seasonings. Just Flavour have certainly wowed us with their spicy stone fruit and seafood combination. It’s the perfect spring sweet and savoury dish. Folks we’d love to see your magical masterpiece re-creating this Peri Peri Scallops with Nectarine Salsa recipe. Don’t forget to tag us and Just Flavour. Be sure to check out our reel! Enjoy…