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John & Nigel Pratt

The Pratt family has been in the agricultural sector dating way back to the 1920’s when John Pratt’s grandfather set up a farm near Stanthorpe. Today, John and his son Nigel run the farm. Originally John’s grandfather moved to Stanthorpe after a devastating hailstorm where he studied Agriculture and worked for the Department of Primary Industries. John’s grandfather was instrumental in helping apple and stone fruit growers in the region with agricultural practices. John’s father Charlie continued the agricultural interest by taking the role of overseer on a sheep property west of Stanthorpe on his return from serving in the Middle East in World War II. Towards the end of the 1940s, Charlie purchased his own property where John and his brothers were raised. After 7 years of study and working away, John started leasing land in the Traprock region developing a wool growing business. He then purchased a property in 1988 where his wife Julie and he raised their three children; Nigel, Rachael, and Belinda.

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In the early 1990s, wool prices collapsed and their orchard was established in 1994 with 500 yellow flesh nectarine and 500 plum trees’. This was how many farmers transitioned into the stone fruit industry within Traprock. With zero knowledge of irrigation, nutrition, and pest management a challenge was indeed ahead, however, a thirst for knowledge and driving ambition has seen the orchard grow to nearly 30,000 stone fruit trees of various stages of maturity. Traprock is a challenging region to grow stone fruit with climate being the main issue. Every year is totally different from the last, so over the years the Pratt’s have endeavored to reduce this risk factor via careful management of their orchard.
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In the last five years, the Pratt’s have made a change of direction of previous practices to one that’s more sustainable. Nigel has been instrumental in this transition after completing his building apprenticeship and coming back to the farm full time in 2014. The Pratt’s enthusiasm to see the orchard utilize biological friendly practices has seen the replacement of conventional methods with more eco-friendly systems.
Through research and development, the orchard has now allowed for harvest from early October, around one month earlier than when they started in 1994. The orchard has been designed to give a continual run of peaches and nectarines starting in early October for approximately six weeks, followed by a run on plums for another four.
innovative technology

producing quality stone fruit

The Pratt family strives to produce quality stone fruit with superior taste by ensuring all aspects of production remain up to date with the latest varieties and growing methods. Using innovative technology and an undying passion for delivering flavoursome stone fruit, the Pratt’s deliver an exquisite eating experience.

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Being a chef and owner of Moda Tapas Brasa Bar, I pride myself on working with the best local produce available. This is why I go myself to the markets each week and get to know the farmers, and families that grow some of the best in the world. Working with someone like Mira from Devine Fruits helps to bridge the gap between the venue and the growers. Creating stories with the recipes that I create helps people to connect with the food and generates lasting memories. Getting to know the farmer and being able to showcase their produce in the restaurant is so important to me. Living in Queensland we have amazing produce to work with but getting to know and support the families is so important. Mira is an amazing advocate for these farmers and growers and is so passionate about what she does, it is a real pleasure to work with her.

Javier Codina
Moda Tapas Brasa Bar

“It was such a pleasure to work with Mira from Divine Fruits. Her passion to share the grower’s story behind the amazing produce we enjoy as an end product is admirable. Thank you Mira for sharing your passion with us and your commitment to connecting consumers with the grower’s story.”  

Casey-Lee Lyons
Live Love Nourish

As a grower/supplier myself and a regular with using social media as a tool for advertising, I always love taking the time to see just what Mira and the team at Divine fruits have been up to on their Instagram account. I find Mira's work to be inspirational in sharing the grower's stories and connecting them to the public. I really enjoy seeing what other growers in around the nation stories are and different growing ideas and tips that are shared. Keep up the fantastic work!


John Mantovani
Manto Produce

Divine Fruits is a marketing powerhouse, they know how to spotlight a grower and their product and will connect them with the grocers and families that love what they do. Letting customers become ambassadors of their produce. It's a real pleasure to be associated with this branding.


Andersson's Fruit Market

We bought five kgs of your wonderful plums for making a family favourite, plum jam. I ate a Kaso plum first and it was certainly the sweetest, juiciest plum I have ever eaten. We always buy Australian as much as possible and certainly only Aussie for fresh fruits and vegetables.


Susan H

Westridge Fruit & Vegetables has been proud to support Divine Fruits in sharing the growers' stories. We love to be able to tell and show our customers where the fruit is grown and who is growing it. We are passionate about fruit and vegetables and Divine Fruits shares this passion with us. 

Thanks, Mira and her team for their outstanding efforts with connecting Growers - Retailers - Consumers.

Westridge Fruit and Vegetables

Divine Fruits have helped provide a connection; from grower to retailer to the consumer. Our customers are now aware of the various growing regions and can see how the fruit is grown when it is in season and who is growing it. Harvest Markets Booval is very happy to support Divine Fruits and thank them for helping share the grower’s stories.    

Harvest Markets Booval

Since partnering with Divine Fruits we have noticed our local community has a better understanding of what goes into growing the fruit on the farm and what happens to get it to the shelves of the local fruit shops. Divine Fruits has helped boost the demand for Kumbia stone fruit. A WIN-WIN outcome!

The Dugdells

Every working week in the Traprock Region brings with it different experiences. Beginning with each seasons’ pruning and flowering right through until harvest and retailing, the highs and the lows of seasonal conditions, the people involved, their passion and their experiences are captured by Divine Fruits who are able to share the story about the families with you. Once you have eaten this delicious stone fruit, following the stories on Divine Fruits will be the closest thing to being in Stanthorpe’s Traprock Region.

Traprock Region

In December 2016 we decided to engage Mira from Divine Fruits to market our Kaso Plums brand. After attending the product launch and in-store promotions in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, we noticed that the customers were keen to learn more about where and how our fruit is grown. Through the use of Divine Fruits social media and promotional materials in stores, our brand gained more recognition and a greater demand for the product. Mira’s idea was to make the connection to unite the fruit grower with the consumer creating amazing results. This is not only a testament to the quality of Kaso Plums but also to Mira’s ingenious marketing of our brand.

Alex and Skinder
Kaso Plums

Mira has produced high-quality events namely the Guide Dogs Qld Charity Concert on the Gold Coast featuring International Pop Rock Band Herman’s Hermits. Each event was successfully carried out to plan and the feedback from guests was absolutely astounding. Mira is professional, enthusiastic and driven to deliver high standard work with the aim of fulfilling the client’s needs. She has the ability to energize the crowd with her bubbly nature and is meticulous in every aspect.

Phil Whitehead
Whitehead Crowther Lawyers

I had the pleasure of speaking at Mira’s International Women’s Day event held on the Gold Coast. Mira did such an amazing job of organizing and running the event. It was one of the most well-planned and executed events right down to the pre-work on social media and all the many other touch points were brilliant! Mira is a professional and a dream to work with.

Christina Guidotti
Speaker Advisor Author

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