A peach with some greens sounds like the perfect choice. Spring delivers blissful breezy days and sweet-smelling fruit, ones that add so much colour to any dish. We’re talking Kumbia peaches and nectarines. Stone fruit is around the corner everyone and we’re super excited to share scrumptious recipes with you.

One of our wonderful supporters of Australian growers is proud mum of 3 Amanda, from Amanda’s Wholesome Kitchen. Amanda loves to cook with local produce and create enticing vegan style recipes; yes, they truly are packed with flavour!

The recipes include salads, mains, delectable healthy sweets and much more. ‘Eating the Rainbow’ is Amanda’s healthy lifestyle choice and we are blessed with so much fresh local produce in Queensland offering a splendid array of colourful fruit and vegetables to create the perfect dish for your loved ones.

Amanda has whipped up this simple and super tasty salad adding some of her favourite veggies and the highlight – Kumbia’s Snow Angel White Peach. Click on this link for the recipe and if you’d like to share a photo of your stone fruit kitchen creation we’d love to hear from you.