School holidays in the Australian heat can be quite tough however we have the perfect refreshing recipe for all to enjoy! A simple, healthy treat the kids will absolutely love and it’s so easy to make they can help in the kitchen as well! Using tasty the MONTAGUE tree™ plums and a little coconut delight, this recipe is sure to be a hit this Summer! Preparation time: 5 minutes Freezing time: 6 hours Makes: 8 You will need icy pole moulds, two jugs for pouring into moulds – will help with pouring


4 large the MONTAGUE tree™ plums – pureed 400ml coconut cream, stirred until free from lumps


Pour the plum puree into one jug, and then pour the coconut cream into the other jug, this will allow for easy layering. Pour 2 cm of plum puree into the bottom of each icy pole mould and freeze for hour or until set. When it has frozen pour 2 cm of coconut cream, add a little milk if it is too thick to pour. Repeat until the mould is full and return to the freezer until it is completely frozen. Tip: To vary the flavor, you could add ½ a teaspoon of cardamom or cinnamon to the plum puree. Make sure to stop by your local Green Grocer to get your hands on some of the MONTAGUE tree™ plums! Don’t forget to share this wonderful recipe with family and friends. Keep an eye on our social media for more exciting recipes coming your way soon!