It’s time to say farewell and thank you to Queensland’s Stanthorpe growers Terry and Susan for producing the most enticing fruits this Autumn has seen. Their daily orchard extravaganza of salubrious orange-red Autumn leaves was a sight not to be missed here on social. Terrys Sweet Persimmons Fuyu’s were enjoyed by many Queenslanders this season. Don’t forget you can still find them in local fruit shops over the next 2 weeks.


Growing persimmons is labour intensive and there are several orchard operations that Terry and Susan are responsible for including tree planting, fertilising, weed control, disease management, pruning, thinning, harvesting, packing and more. All play an integral role in the fruit development process and this lovable Stanthorpe couple have invested many years, months and hours to produce a high standard of flavourful non-astringent Fuyu persimmons. Did you know the fruit is a biennial crop which means this year the family saw almost double the volume. Got to love our Aussie growers!

Diners Relishing Restaurant Cuisine

Our goal this year was to showcase the growers fruit in Brisbane’s fine dining restaurants and we’re pleased to announce that we have achieved our goal! Brisbane’s Moda Restaurant owner and Chef-de-Cuisine Javier Codina delivered a superb persimmon menu that diners could not resist, so we had to see this for ourselves. One day after a busy morning with clients, we decided to dine in for lunch and what a delightful surprise it was to find Terrys Sweet Persimmons beautifully displayed in the middle of the restaurant. Our starter was a mouth-watering persimmon, blue cheese and Australian Almonds salad followed by a traditional Barcelona Paella. Javier your amazing persimmon creations will be remembered and thank you for supporting our growers.

Meet the Growers

There is a lovely Ipswich family business operating in Booval Fair and the locals truly value their fabulous fruiterer Rob. Rob is committed to deliver a ‘feel-good’ shopping experience that provides customers with knowledge of the regions, varieties and good old-fashioned friendly service. Rob and his wife Nicky hosted a ‘Meet the Growers’ event at their store Harvest Markets Booval where shoppers shared their experiences with the growers. These were stories of wonderful childhood memories of the grandparent’s persimmon trees and their very first taste of an astringent persimmon. After they tried the non-astringent Terrys Sweet Persimmons they were pleasantly surprised with the interesting flavours not to mention that you could crunch on a Fuyu and not have to wait for it to ripen like the astringent variety. Thank you, Rob, Nicky and team, it was a great morning and a lot of fun!

A Shoppers Delight

Often referred to as ‘natures candy’ these enticing fruits were craved by many South-East Queensland shoppers and green grocers had to replenish displays often to ensure there was enough stock throughout the week and on weekends. Not only is the persimmon a healthy fruit but it’s symbolic to the Chinese and it represents prosperity. They offer it to the Moon Goddess each year knowing that it will bring peace and a generous harvest in the coming year.

We would like to thank all our wonderful green grocers who shared awesome photos and videos on social and for their continued support of Terrys Sweet Persimmons. Pictured on the left is Johnny of Charlies Fruit Market with his version of Terrys Sweet Persimmon Smoothie. Almost all South-East Queensland local fruit shops and many Asian grocery stores are stocked up with this nutritious fruit, jam packed with antioxidants. We know that many of you shop locally as you enjoy that specialised service, relaxed pace and the delicious fresh produce your local green grocer has hand selected from Brisbane Produce Market. Remember the Fuyu can be eaten crunchy or if you prefer to leave it soften on the bench for a couple of weeks, either way they’re absolutely moreish and head to Persimmons Australia for delightful recipes.

Your comments don’t go unnoticed and we would like to thank you for providing feedback of your persimmon experience on social media. We’re overwhelmed to hear how much you have enjoyed the flavour and crunch of Terrys Sweet Persimmons. Keep those comments flowing dear followers, we’d love to hear more and certainly share a photo, don’t forget to tag us!

European Fruits

We are taking a well-deserved break overseas in Europe over June and July and we’d like to share a snippet of what’s to come. On the agenda we have, many visits to fruit orchards and fruit shops in Serbia and in Italy and we’re super excited to learn about the fruit varieties, marketing and much more. Best part of it is that we will be taste testing and we just can’t wait! You may see occasional posts of our Aussie growers but stay tuned to our social media particularly to our Instagram Stories. Enjoy the crunch of Terrys Sweet Persimmons Queensland!